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How do I use the Aussie Business Directory?

Firstly, choose your plan from our three options. Then, create an account and be guided through simple navigation prompts to craft your first Aussie Business Directory listing.

Are ads on Aussie Business Directory free?

Though you can list on Aussie Business Directory for free under the Free Plan, ads are only included in the Standard and Pro Plans. 

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not. What you see, is what you get, is what you pay for.

What features are included in the online business directory?

All listings have an unlimited duration. 

Listings are organised by locations, by categories such as ‘Professional Services’ and by tags such as ‘Accounting’. 

Listings can then also have photos and videos attached, as well as access to ad features.

When it comes to ads, videos and the number of categories, tags, locations and photos attached to your listing, it will depend on the level of your Plan

I don’t need some features, can I disable them?

You can downgrade (and upgrade) your plan whenever suits you, in response to your need for different features. Check out all Plans here.

How do I advertise more than one small business on the Australian Business Directory?

Depending on your plan, you may be able to list more than one location per business.

However, for a separate business listing, you will need to sign up on another plan. 

If you have more than 3 separate businesses that you would like to list, please email [email protected] for a custom fee.

Do you provide support to help me advertise my business?

With Aussie Business Directory, we stand out from the crowd of business listing sites with our unmatched service, providing email support, community forums and more. If you need help with writing your listing, navigating the Directory or have unanswered questions, email [email protected]

Is it difficult to advertise my business?

Not at all as we guide you, step by step, through the process. You can always email us should you need extra support. You’ll be seeing your small business directory listing up in no time!

How long does the process take to advertise my business?

From the time you submit, it will take 3-5 business days for your listing to go live on Aussie Business Directory.